About Us

I'm Noelle and I run MIGHTY Hanks with the help of my husband and a few other moms working hard to bring you the good stuff while also supporting our families.

Our design came to be because I realized from my own hank purchases what I didn't like. I had bought a few different hanks but they were all too big for pockets and not particularly useful. My husband asked if this is something I thought I could make myself. I figured they would be totally doable. Then after trial and error my husband suggested we try "mini" hanks to get rid of the bulk. I resisted, I didn't think you guys would buy them if they were too different from everyone else on the market. He convinced me and we created the mini with microfiber, a small hank that is unobtrusive in the pocket but still big enough to be useful.  It lets people clean their glasses, phone and computer screens, knife blades, and so much more.

Enjoy your look around MIGHTY Hanks.

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